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Get a 15% Discount For Your Flute Video On YouTube

I would like to invite you to participate in making a video and receiving a 15% discount on any flute purchased from this website.

Video Requirements:
  1. A one time offer open to anyone who has made a flute purchase.
  2. Put a video on YouTube of you or a friend playing a flute from this website. Have fun playing alone, with a friend, a session, etc.
  3. The video should be at least two songs/tunes long.
  4. A title stating this website address and who you are.
After you have uploaded the video on YouTube, send me a "link to the video" via email to: tyiam@comcast.net. I will immediately credit your PayPal account 15% of the purchase price of your flute.

The following videos and sound files are of customers that have purchased a flute demonstrating the "quality of sound" and "fun of playing" their flutes.
Laura Plays The Silver Fipple Flute

Windplayer Laura is endorsed by the Yamaha Corporation to give nationwide clinics and seminars on the woodwind recorder.

Click the songs below to listen:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Tutty Frutty
  • Water Is Wide
  • Todd B. from Bolinas, CA says "I received the whistle yesterday. As soon as I played it I fell in love. It has essentially all of the tonal qualities I have been searching for... Thank You!"

    Here is a submitted MP3 of Todd playing his flute.

    "The Rememberence of
    Mary and Ellen"

    It is a lovely whistle, I have 5 semipro whistles, and the one I got from you is by far the easiest to blow in the 2nd and 3rd octave. I have a lovely whistle by Phil Bleazy made from Olive wood, and that is hard to squeeze into the 3rd octive. Are all your whistle built the same way and do they behave the same? I was thinking of the silver whistles and maybe a blackwood, would it be abit more loud in the lower registre?

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